Tin Can Alley

Tin Can Alley

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  • Celebrate Achivement

What you need

  1. Tin cans (various sizes, empty and washed)
  2. Bean bags or small soft balls
  3. A table


Where would we be without the humble tin can? Baked beans dripping from cupboard shelves, tuna and sweetcorn colliding before we make our sandwiches… and let’s not even consider the disastrous impact on can opener sales! Fortunately, Frenchman Phillipe Henri de Girard invented the can for us and, in turn, revolutionised the preservation and storage of food. 

January 19th is Tin Can Day – a day to celebrate our cylindrical chums that have provided us with countless quick or emergency meals. 

Why not have some fun with a game of fairground favourite ‘Tin Can Alley’? Whilst it can be noisy, it’s loads of fun! Great for a summer party or an any-day group activity.

Top tip

Bit too noisy? Lay a towel over the table before setting up the cans.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group at a table with a decent amount of space 
  2. Stack the cans on the table into a pyramid 
  3. The first person takes a few steps back and throws 3 bean bags or balls to knock down as many cans as possible
  4. Once they’ve had their go, ask that player to restack the cans for the next person 
  5. Keep score of how many each player knocks down and give extra points when all the cans are knocked over in one throw
  6. Repeat until all the group has had a turn and continue for as many times as everyone would like
  7. Add up the scores and give a small prize to the winner