Ladies' Spa Day

Ladies' Spa Day

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  • Time Together
  • Find Calm
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. A visiting hairdresser (but for styling rather than cuts to eliminate the need for hair washing)
  2. Nail and hand care kits, nail varnishes and hand creams
  3. Cleansers, face creams and cotton wool
  4. A private room set aside for the session
  5. A collection of books and magazines
  6. Tea or coffee


We ladies love a bit of preening, but why settle for a solo hairdressing appointment, when we can enjoy an indulgent spa day, together with friends? Well, this activity involves just that, and it’s a lovely way of introducing a bit of luxury into someone’s life.

Simply set aside a morning or afternoon and dedicate it to the ladies in the group; organising pampering procedures to fit their needs and give their pride a little boost. We like the idea of this as a group activity, but it could easily be a one-on-one service in someone’s room if that makes them more comfortable.

Top tip

Check medical records before using nail scissors, clippers or applying creams that a person may be allergic to.

The Activity

  1. Begin by inviting 4 ladies from the group into your “spa area”
  2. Welcome them to the room and invite them to sit in the waiting area
  3. Give them welcome drinks and books or magazines to browse, if they’d like
  4. Play some music in the background to create a relaxing atmosphere
  5. Offer each lady the chance to have their hair styled, even if it’s just combed
  6. Next, offer a gentle hand massage and manicure
  7. Why not also offer a mini facial? Using cotton wool to cleanse their face, before face cream is gently applied
  8. Allow each lady time to sit back, relax, and feel special
  9. Once they’ve enjoyed all the services they chose, escort them back to their room or lounge area and invite the next person to join the group in the waiting area