What you need

  1. Large thick card
  2. Maps and/or images
  3. Memories gathered from the person or their friends and family - download resource


The butcher! The baker! The candlestick maker! Everyone will have had a working life. It’s unlikely to have been making candles, but many people will have been housewives, bankers, farmers… and anything in between. Let’s spend some time socialising, talking and bringing back memories of what people used to do when they worked.

This activity is great as a one-on-one or in a small group, as you can share and learn about each others interesting lives.

The Activity

  1. Interview the person or talk to their friends and family to get as much information as possible about their work. Gather the memories in a quiet spot over a few weeks, taking your time with a cuppa and some biscuits
  2. Collect photos of their workplace, a map of where they worked and stock images (e.g. someone serving in a café or working in an office) etc
  3. Stick the workplace photo and map onto the middle of the thick white card, and put the other images around it to create a collage
  4. Write down some of the memories, names of colleagues, things they liked or disliked etc on the blank bits of the card
  5. Put the finished card in their room where they can easily see it
  6. Create another session where you bring everyone together with their memory collages and discuss them

PDF Resource