What you need

  1. 2 sets of pictures that pair together - Download resource


This game is all about making connections between everyday household items. Residents simply pick the most sensible pairings, by matching one picture with another. For example, the toothbrush goes best with the toothpaste and the knife goes best with the fork. It’s a great game for people who are in the planned and exploratory stages of their dementia journey.

It’s not a competitive game; it’s more about getting people talking and keeping the familiarity of everyday items alive.

Enjoy it one-on-one, or with a group sat at a table.

The Activity

  1. Lay the images face up on the table
  2. Encourage everyone to take a good look at them
  3. Ask each person in turn to choose one image and match it with its pair
  4. Once they’ve made a pair, encourage the next person to do exactly the same
  5. Keep going until they’ve found all the pairs
  6. Talk about the images as you go, and encourage people to join in, sharing their memories and explaining what they would use them for

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