Egg Toss - movement Activity

Egg Toss - movement Activity

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  • 30


  • Stay Active
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. 2 or 3 empty egg boxes (without lids)
  2. 3 Ping-Pong balls (brightly coloured is best)
  3. A willing volunteer to gather up the Ping-Pong balls!


A fun and bouncy game for 2-6 people whipped up from a few old egg boxes and Ping-Pong balls! The aim of the game is to bounce your ball onto the table and hope that it lands in one of the egg-box holes. You can keep score or just enjoy moving your body.

You can play this game standing up or sitting down. If sitting, simply adjust the distance and height of the table, so there’s more chance of landing the balls in the holes!

Top tip

Mix things up by writing different scores inside each of the egg-box holes

You might want to secure the egg boxes down to the table with a bit of tac, otherwise could get knocked over

The Activity

  1. Set the table up lengthwise with the egg boxes at one end
  2. Invite the first person in the group to stand at the other end of the table
  3. Take the first Ping-Pong ball and bounce it on the table, with the aim of landing it in the egg box 
  4. Give the person the next 2 ping pong balls to have another go
  5. If making it competitive, keep score of how many balls land in the egg boxes
  6. Invite the next person to take their turn
  7. Continue until each person in the group has had a go, then go round the group again 1 or 2 more times