What you need

  1. Animal Kingdom Quiz - download resource


The world is full of weird and wonderful animals – thankfully. But how much do we really know? Especially the wild ones hidden away in burrows, jungle and desert. 

There’s no better time to celebrate these beautiful creatures than on World Wildlife Day on the 3rd March. However, this quiz can be done any time of year. Let’s start the quiz in a small group or 1-on-1 to find out more about where they live… No scores here ­– it’s just for fun.

Top tip

 People with dementia at a mid-late level might not be able to answer the questions, but they may very well enjoy listening and watching the programme. So, invite them along to enjoy the fun!

The Activity

  1. Gather a small group or give the quiz sheet to someone if they’re doing it on their own
  2. Explain that you’re going to give the name of an animal’s home and that they need to guess the correct animal
  3. Start by reading out the first name and maybe even writing it on a board for all to see
  4. Some are easier than others, but each one is a chance to have fun and learn something new
  5. Keep going until you’ve discovered all the answers
  6. Maybe finish off the session with a wildlife programme, to enjoy animals in their natural habitat 

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