What you need

  1. 70’s Film Quiz - download resource
  2. Prize (optional)


From All the Presidents Men to Saturday Night Fever, the 1970s produced some great movies. This quiz invites you complete the titles of the decade’s top films.

We’ll give you the first few words of the title and it’s your job to add the rest. For example, “One Flew over the Cuckoos…….”. There, of course, is only one right answer but have a laugh too. If you want to shout out, “One flew over the Giant Elephant” – go for it! Who knows, it might have been on the table once.

Quizzes are always great fun, and this one taps into memories of visiting the cinema and watching these greats. Enjoy with just one person or in a group.

The Activity

1. Gather the group together or, if you’re working with just one person, give them a copy of the quiz 

2. Explain how the quiz works, and maybe chat and share memories of going to the cinema in the 70s. Ask questions like:

o   “What was it like?”

o   “Who did you go with?”

o   “What did you eat there?”

o   “What was your favourite memory of the cinema or favourite film?”

3. Now it’s time to get started with the quiz! 

4. Read out the first few words of the first film title, and invite people to call out what it might be

5. Make it a bit competitive by keeping score and giving a little prize to the winner at the end

6. Move onto the next film title… and so on

7. Finish off the session with a film and pass round the popcorn or sweets, if everyone is keen

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