10 activities and products for Dementia Action Week

Chelsea Roderick

May 11, 2022

Explore our curated selection for Dementia Action Week, featuring sensory therapy items, memory aids, adaptive technologies, and fun games that promote cognitive stimulation and social interaction. Discover a wide range of dementia wellbeing products and engaging games at Relish Life.

  1. Relish radio
    Music is a great way to spark memories and happiness for those living with dementia.It can also help reduce agitation and distress, with recent studies suggesting that it can delay cognitive decline. We have created a unique and easy to use radio, with a simple design, personalisation options as part of the pre set function and handy features such as never allowing the volume to completely off so the user knows when it’s on

  2. All About Us
    This board game has been specifically developed for people with dementia. The aim of the game is for families and loved ones to all play together and spark conversion around memories and stories that are shared among one another, contributing to the positive well-being of those with dementia.

  3. Find your stage questionnaire (an activity to help find the right product)
    This short online questionnaire, available on the Relish website, helps you find your correct stage of dementia. Since Relish develops products with different levels to suit the varying stages, it’s important to choose a product or activity that suits where you or your loved one is on your journey. If you get a product that’s too difficult it can be frustrating and isolating. Too easy and it seems patronising and distressing.

  4. Musical bingo
    A musical twist on bingo, to spark memories, laughter, and fun with loved ones as you play against one another to identify the song and instrument played!

  5. Puzzles
    Relish have puzzles for everyone. The 13 and 35 piece puzzles have larger pieces for easy handling and make for a simpler challenge. The 63 and 100 piece puzzles have more pieces and finder details to suit those after a harder challenge!

  6. 5 ways to make dementia about what you can do, not what you can’t
    This helpful article highlights 5 ways to turn the mindset of someone with dementia into a positive can-do attitude! Helping to highlight all of the things you CAN do, rather than focussing on what you may struggle with in daily activities and memory.

  7. Day 1 - Dementia Diagnosis
    Here we have a helpful article useful for those who may be at early-stage dementia or diagnosis. The article challenges thoughts about the next steps ahead and offers help to readers on how to maintain positive well-being throughout.

  8. Bird watching
    Whether this is a group activity or independent time for a hobby, bird watching is one of the most beautiful and natural ways to embrace your surroundings and feel lifted.

  9. Spring nature walks
    With cards of images to familiarise yourself with, step outdoors and feel close to nature as you explore all of its beauty whilst you hunt for species on and above ground. This group or solo activity contributes massively to the well-being of the player as they immerse themselves in the outdoors.

  10. Aquapaints - painting with water
    Ideal for late-stage dementia, these paint sets come in a variety of different packs, available to purchase based on what the person is interested in. Whether wildlife, gardening, vehicles, or everyday life, each painting is aimed at targeting sensory experiences.