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Our ultimate activity starter kit for people with dementia includes a range of activities and games. This kit is perfect for all people living with dementia, suitable for all stages, and can be enjoyed in care homes to spread joy.

  • Improve enagement and connection with our vareity of games and activities
  • Thoughtfully designed for people living with dementia
  • Images and illustrations have been created with vibrant colours to help with visual impairment
  • No mention of dementia on the packaging
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$576.61 $490.12

About our product & how it works

The kit contains 22 products to support a variety of activities for people living with cognitive impairments, visual and dexterity challenges. The products are durable and infection control compliant having been designed specifically for care settings.

Whatever the interests; puzzles, painting, sensory or board games, there is something in the box for everyone as well as activities which can be completed in a group or individually.

The Relish Starter Kit has become the industry standard for activities with over 1000 happy care home customers.

Our kits have been co-designed with NAPA to help you find the best selection of activity products for your home.

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Product information

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Plastic / Wood / Paper
Product Specification

1x Radiant Nature
1x Category Snap
1x Animal Snap
1x Musical Bingo
1x Track Maze
1x Garden Wonders
1x Farm Memories
1x Ocean Life
1x Magnificent Birds
1x Farm Life
1x Puppy Playtime
1x Summer Birds
1x Road Trip
1x Steam Train
1x Lakeside Vacation
1x Wordsearch
1x Baking Cupboard
1x Fidget Widget Tool Kit
1x Animals Album
1x Home Sweet Home
1x Tactile Match
1x Tactile Turn

Pack includes

    Bring Joy Bring Joy

    Stay Active Stay Active

    Stay Independent Stay Independent

    Find out more about all benefits

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    Buy with confidence with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you decide that your Relish product isn’t right for you within 30 days of receiving it, we will refund the full purchase amount – see our returns policy for how to return or get in touch to arrange the return by emailing info@relish-life.com.

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