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100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Seniors with Dementia

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This picturesque puzzle for people with early-stage dementia and MCI (mild cognitive impairment) features a charming farmhouse and traditional barn that will evoke memories of tranquil times in the glorious countryside.

100-piece puzzles for dementia
The Relish 100-piece puzzle for dementia is a brilliant activity for families and friends to spend time doing together. When completed the puzzle is 37.5cm x 30cm in size, the largest in our puzzle collection. Designed to delight people in the early stages of dementia, idyllic scenes are chosen to stimulate memories and inspire conversations upon completion.

Every detail is carefully considered to assist people with dementia in completing the puzzle; high contrast colours aid visibility and unique details on individual jigsaw pieces provide the perfect prompts. The chunky puzzle pieces are approximately 3.5cm wide and the final image is printed inside the puzzle box with fun prompts to spark conversation. Unlike our 13, 35 and 63-piece puzzles, the 100-piece puzzle is designed to be assembled outside of the box and enjoyed as a group activity.

Benefits of puzzles for dementia
Jigsaw puzzles are a favourite pastime for all generations, and for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, they can be especially beneficial. Apart from being a fun and engaging activity to enjoy with family and friends, completing puzzles can gently exercise the brain, benefit visual perception and provide a sense of satisfaction and pride upon completion. Read more about the benefits of puzzles for dementia here.

Product Features:

  • Puzzle pieces: 100
  • Puzzle piece size: Each piece is approximately 3.5cm in width
  • Puzzle size when completed: 37.5cm x 30cm
  • Material: strong, responsibly sourced cardboard
  • Large puzzle pieces for easy handling
  • High contrast colours aid visual impairment
  • Conversation prompts included inside the box
  • Cognitive benefits - exercises both sides of the brain
  • Encourages social participation
  • Idyllic scenery stimulate memories
  • Easy jigsaw puzzle for seniors

Relish puzzles FAQS
How large are the puzzle pieces?
Each puzzle piece in the 100-piece puzzle is approximately 3.5cm in width.

Is there an image inside the box?
Yes, the image of the puzzle is on the lid of the box.

How do I clean the puzzles?
In order to reduce the use of plastic, Relish puzzles are now cardboard. We do not recommend any chemical cleaning agents for these but can use a lightly damp cloth to wipe them, with water only.

Do you have puzzles with more pieces?
The 100 piece puzzle has the highest number of pieces in our collection.

Can the 100-piece puzzle be completed inside the box?
It is not designed to be completed in the box. To ensure the 100-piece puzzle is suitable for people with dementia, we have kept the individual puzzle pieces at 3.5cm wide, therefore the completed puzzle size would be too large to try and complete in the box.

Are the puzzles suitable for the visually impaired?
This all depends on the level of impairment. Our puzzles are designed with high colour contrast, and the pieces are bigger than an average puzzle piece would be. The 13-piece puzzles have one main focal point and have large (10cm width), unique puzzle pieces, to aid people with vision impairment.

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