Everyday Wellbeing

Explore our range of videos from our community. Listen to their lived experiences as they share their tips on how they keep (and even improve) their wellbeing following a dementia diagnosis.

Wellbeing Tips

Wellbeing can have a range of meanings, but we believe there are 8 key pillars that can help to improve your wellbeing. Dementia can present challenges but our community have provided their key tips and advice on what they do to ensure that they live a fulfilled life after diagnosis. We also have some wonderful tips from our community of carers on how they assist their loved ones.

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Keeping Your Relationships

Strong relationships allow us to feel connected, the sense of being cared for and feeling important can give you purpose and beautiful moments with loved ones. However, after diagnosis relationships can be complex and can change dynamics.

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Finding a Sense of Achievement

Finding your sense of achievement or purpose looks different for everyone. It can be important to develop a daily purpose to form new memories and your place in the world.

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Finding Calm

Calmness can come in many different forms, whether that it is taking a deep breath when feeling agitated, a short meditation to begin your day or listening to classical music.

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Bringing Joy

We know the emotional journey will include highs and lows, but it is crucial to find moments of joy and happiness to share together.

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Keep Learning

Finding a new subject to explore, a new hobby to learn or expanding your knowledge can help to provide you with a sense of achievement and confidence.

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Keeping a Sense of Identity

Everyone has a story to tell about their life, habits and characteristics that makes everyone special and unique. Focusing on who you are and what you enjoy can keep us fulfilled.

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Staying Independent

Staying independent is crucial, not just for a sense of self-worth, but also to help people stay at home, happier, longer.

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Staying Active

To maintain your full wellbeing, keeping your body moving is essential! Hear from our community on what they do to keep active.

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