15 Dementia-Friendly Christmas Gifts To Buy A Loved One

15 Dementia-Friendly Christmas Gifts To Buy A Loved One

By Chelsea Roderick on, November 04, 2023


Choosing a Christmas gift for a loved one with dementia can be challenging, as you want to find something unique that will put a smile on their face without being too simple or too difficult for their current abilities.

If you’re unsure which stage of dementia your loved one is at, take our Find Your Stage quiz for guidance.

Below we have listed out gifts suitable for all stages, plus gifts ideal for early, mid and later stages of dementia, to help you find a gift easily.

Read to the end and you will find a free downloadable PDF with free tips on how to create a dementia-friendly Christmas.

Dementia Christmas gifts suitable for all

1. Relish Dementia Radio

An image of a dementia-friendly radio - a great Alzheimer’s Christmas gift

Picture your loved one tapping their toes in time to their favourite songs or getting up to dance to a Christmas classic.

The radio has been specially designed for people living with dementia, including an easy control panel, colour contrast for better visibility and large buttons. It can be programmed to your loved one’s personal tastes.

Top Tip: Pre-programme your loved one's favourite station, so they can listen straight away when they open the radio on Christmas Day.

Suitable for any stage of dementia.

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Christmas gifts for early stages of dementia

2. Day Hub Dementia Day Clock with Task Alerts

Day Hub dementia reminder clock with task reminders. It has a clock, a customisable task list and pressable tick boxes.

The Day Hub is a great gift for loved ones with early stage dementia looking for ways to stay independent, active and reassured throughout the day.

Create your own customised task list and schedule reminders to make sure a task is never forgotten.

Suitable for early to mid stages of dementia.

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3. Day Connect Dementia Clock

The Day Connect dementia clock pairing with the Day Hub to provide alerts in multiple locations around the home.

The Day Connect is a simplified clock that tells the time, date and time of day so you never lose track of time.

Pair it with the Day Hub to get alerts in more than one location around the home, so you never miss a task.

Suitable for early to mid stages of dementia.

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4. All About Us Storytelling Board Game

A family playing All About Us - an ideal Christmas gift for the elderly with dementia.

This storytelling board game is a great Christmas gift idea for someone with dementia spending time with family on Christmas Day.

Prompted by conversation cards, players retell important moments from their life, from childhood through to the present moment. It’s a great way to get talking, bring back happy memories and deepen family relationships.

Top Tip: Reminiscing about times gone by can be emotional and joyful for a person with dementia. Listen intently and make sure they have enough space to explore the memories that come up.

Suitable for early stages of dementia.

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5. 100-Piece Puzzle 4-Pack

100 piece puzzle 4 pack, a perfect Christmas gift for someone with Alzheimer’s.

If your loved one enjoys wiling away an afternoon completing a jigsaw puzzle, this gift is for them.

With four inspiring, colourful scenes to choose from, they can be transported to a tropical island, a sunset scene in Paris, a camping trip or deep inside a jungle.

Top tip: Christmas Day can be overwhelming, and even more so for people with dementia. Doing a puzzle in a quiet room may provide a welcome distraction if it all gets a bit much.

Suitable for early stages of dementia.

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6. Wordsearch

A man completing a dementia-friendly word search, a great Christmas gift for dementia.

This wordsearch book is a great Christmas gift for a person with dementia that loves problem solving.

It is excellent for brain training and can help promote a sense of accomplishment. Lettering is large and easy to read to support those with a visual impairment.

There are two levels included, Level 1 puzzles which are simpler and Level 2 puzzles which are slightly more challenging.

Top Tip: Start with the Level 1 puzzles. Once your loved one has completed those, they’ll feel even more accomplished by tackling the slightly harder Level 2 puzzles.

Suitable for early stages of dementia.

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7. Musical Bingo Game

A family playing a dementia-friendly music bingo game - a top Christmas gift for people with dementia.

A great Christmas gift for Alzheimer’s or dementia is Musical Bingo. It’s interactive, fun and combines music and game playing.

The whole family can get involved as you play the CD and identify which instrument is playing.

Top Tip: Encourage your loved one to share any positive memories that come up when listening to the instruments. You may find the game uncovers stories you’ve never heard before!

Suitable for early stages of dementia.

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Christmas gifts for mid stages of dementia

8. Bathing Birds 35-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A puzzle of birds enjoying a bird bath in a flower garden - a great gift to buy someone with dementia.

Bird watchers and gardeners alike will be thrilled to receive this puzzle of birds bathing in a beautiful garden.

The striking colours and larger puzzle pieces support those with dexterity or vision difficulties, while prompts to help spark conversations and evoke positive feelings.

Top Tip: This jigsaw is perfect for completing alongside a grandchild. A shared sense of purpose and accomplishment promotes joy and togetherness.

Suitable for mid stages of dementia.

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9. Snakes & Ladders and Ludo Board Game Set

Family and friends playing snakes and ladders at Christmas - an ideal Christmas gift for someone with dementia.

Two classic games are included in this fun-filled dementia-friendly board game set: Snakes and Ladders, and Ludo.

Choose one game to play Christmas morning while the turkey is cooking, and watch as your loved one’s competitive streak comes out!

Top Tip: If your loved one is joining you from their home, playing a game is a positive way to channel anxious energy from being in a different environment.

Suitable for mid stages of dementia.

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10. Animal Snap Category Card Game

A father and son playing the animal snap card game and laughing.

A traditional family card game, Animal Snap is a great game to play alongside younger family members, too!

Cards are beautifully illustrated with vibrant animals, from farmyard favourites to exotic creatures.

Top Tip: Once you’ve finished playing snap, use the cards to discuss your favourite animals or which animals you’ve seen before.

Suitable for mid stages of dementia.

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11. Golf Target Game

An image showing the golf target game, including four colourful, lightweight bags and a green target mat.

Golfers will be chuffed to receive this Golf Target game this Christmas. It’s the perfect lighthearted group game to enjoy after Christmas dinner.

Roll out the mat and aim for the holes with colourful bags. Whoever gets closest to the hole wins! Players can play while standing or sitting.

Top Tip: This is a great game to enjoy year-round at summer picnics and birthday parties. Don’t save it just for Christmas! It’s sure to become a family favourite.

Suitable for mid stages of dementia.

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12. Circuit Marble Maze

A man with dementia playing with the circuit marble maze while sitting next to his wife.

The Circuit Marble Maze promotes a sense of achievement. It’s lightweight and easy to hold with safety screws and curved corners.

Challenging yet calming, you tilt the track to guide the marble around the course to the end.

Top Tip: This activity is great if your loved one is having a hard time communicating and needs to focus on something physical.

Suitable for mid stages of dementia.

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Christmas gifts for the later stages of dementia

13. Fidget Widget Tool Kit

A man with Alzheimer’s playing with a fidget widget.

A fantastic soothing Christmas gift for a loved one with later-stage dementia. They’re great for soothing busy hands and agitated minds.

Containing all five of our tried and tested fidget widgets, your loved one can pick which toy to engage with. There is no right or wrong way to use the fidget widgets.

Top Tip: Keep a fidget widget close at all times, even when travelling. They’re small enough to fit in your loved one’s handbag, travel bag or glove compartment in the car.

Suitable for late stages of dementia.

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14. The Handyman Magnetic Picture Board

A man with dementia enjoys the handyman magnetic picture board with his wife.

DIY lovers will love this magnetic picture board showcasing familiar tools they are bound to have used plenty of times.

It’s a great activity to do together with younger family members. Pick up the tools and place them onto the magnetic board whichever way you want.

Top Tip: Try imitating how you use each tool for your loved one. It may spark some fun memories of past DIY projects for them.

Suitable for late stages of dementia.

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15. Magnificent Birds Aquapaints Set

A woman with dementia paints a colour bird scene with Aquapaints.

A tremendous artistic activity for Christmas Day, the set contains five different scenes of exotic birds to choose from.

Beautiful colours are revealed by a simple stroke of water on a paintbrush. When the water dries, the colour fades back to white, so it can be used time and again.

Top Tip: An Aquapaints session is an excellent way for grandchildren to spend time with a loved one with dementia. Communicating through art is therapeutic and bonding.

Suitable for late stages of dementia.

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Tips for a Dementia-Friendly Christmas

We’ve pulled together this handy guide on how to support a person with dementia at Christmas. It will help you create a relaxing Christmas that the whole family can enjoy together. You can also download and print the guide and stick it to your fridge or share it with your family.

Download the printable guide here.

Infographic of 8 tips to make sure the whole family enjoys christmas time when a family member has dementia

Tips for Choosing the Right Gift for Someone With Dementia

Buying gifts at Christmas can be tricky, no matter who you’re buying for. But buying for someone with dementia can feel extra complex, though, with our help, it needn’t be. Here are some tips to help you feel confident you’re selecting the right gift for your loved one with dementia.

Match the gift to ability

Cognitive ability will diminish over time for a person living with dementia. So, it’s important to buy them a gift they can engage with that is not frustratingly hard or patronisingly easy.

The best way to identify your loved one’s ability is to take our Find Your Stage quiz. If you’re still not sure, ask a family member, friend or carer who sees them more regularly for their opinion.

Think about hobbies and interests

This is a good tip for buying Christmas gifts full stop, regardless of if your loved one has dementia or not. Our loved ones’ interests don’t just disappear when they receive a dementia diagnosis, so think about what they enjoy.

We provide plenty of themed dementia-friendly products that tie into hobbies and interests.

Don’t overwrap!

It can be tempting to cover your Christmas gifts in sellotape and fussy adornments, but for your loved one with dementia, this could actually create some stress. Put your gifts in a simple box or use easy-to-tear wrapping paper with minimal tape.

Pick a gift that will engage or soothe

Depending on where your loved one is at in their dementia journey, they may benefit from more engagement and stimulation, or they may benefit from relaxation and soothing activities. Think about which your loved one needs more when selecting your Christmas gift.

Don’t worry!

Armed with these tips and a bountiful selection of dementia-friendly gifts available at Relish, you will find the perfect gift for your loved one. Remember, it’s the thought that counts above all.

Find the perfect Christmas gift for someone with dementia

At Relish, we’ve developed a full range of dementia-friendly products and dementia-friendly games with wellbeing in mind. Our products aim to bring joy and connection to people with dementia and their caregivers all year round, not just at Christmas. Check out our full range of dementia Christmas gifts today.

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