Dementia Radio & Music Player FM / DAB+ / MP3

Dementia Radio & Music Player FM / DAB+ / MP3

Radios and Music Player

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Size & Details

Product dimensions: H18.2cm x W24.5cm x D10.8cm
Packaging dimensions: H22.2cm x W33.2cm x D16.5cm
Material: plastic
USB port (USB not included)
MP3 compatibility
Headphone socket
DC power socket
Power cable 1.4m
Battery port for x4 D batteries (batteries not included)
Two 3-watt speakers
Card labels x5
Robust construction & materials
Simple setup process

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Dementia Radio & Music Player FM / DAB+ / MP3


Radio and Music Player

Our Radio & Music Player puts you back in control so you can truly experience the power of music for yourself. Every detail has been developed with people with dementia to minimise confusion and maximise independence.

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Simple design

Too many options and digital screens can be overwhelming for somebody living with dementia, that's why we created this music player with simplicity in mind. High colour contrast controls with audio feedback make it easy to use for people with reduced dexterity or visual impairment.

Easy to use

The memory buttons allow for 3 favourite FM or DAB radio stations that the user can find and choose easily thanks to the customisable card label. The fourth button is for your own playlist which is loaded through a USB port at the back (USB not included - max size 5.5cm).


Setup via an interface neatly hidden behind the battery door at the back. Then simply write a name on the front panel that is familiar and understandable to the user, for example ‘Jazz’, ‘News’ or ‘Relaxing’.

Quality design

A contemporary yet recognisable design, this radio is a beautiful product that fits in any living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It can be powered via a plug or with batteries, so can be used wherever you choose.

Volume control

The volume cannot go to zero so you always know when the radio is on.

Perfect gift

Give the perfect gift and don’t worry – there is no mention of memory loss, ageing, or dementia on the packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the features of the dementia radio is a USB port for your own playlist. How does this feature work?

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MP3* music files need to be downloaded onto a USB stick which is then inserted into the back of the music player and concealed with the back panel. The number of songs that can be stored will depend on the size of the USB you use. A 4MB USB can usually store around 250 songs. When the person wishes to listen to their own music, they simply press the "My Playlist" button on the top panel of the music player. Please refer to the manual which accompanies the radio for guidance on how to download music.
The radio does not currently support music downloaded via Mac
*Music must be downloaded as MP3 files only

Please tell me more about the USB and which one to use

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We suggest using a USB V3.0 or 2.0 - format this to FAT32 and ensure you do this prior to loading music onto the USB
Please only use a USB up to 32GB, this will be ample for 2000+ songs to be stored

Can the playlist be used for Audiobooks?

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This is not currently suitable for audio books; it has been designed for radio and a music player (with USB stick) only

Is it easy to set up?

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Instructions are within the manual on how to do this. Once the 3 favourite radio stations have been set and a USB loaded with music (MP3 format) the radio will be ready to use for the person with dementia, using the buttons on the top of the radio only. If you would like further assistance with this please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

What frequencies can the radio be tuned to?

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UK: The radio can be tuned to stations on FM, DAB and DAB+. This does not connect to AM stations or other Satellite frequencies.
US: The radio can be tuned to stations on FM. This does not connect to AM stations or other Satellite frequencies.

Do you sell spare adapters?

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Please contact us at to speak with a member of the team to assist with this

Do you sell spare labels?

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If you need additional labels, please contact us at and we'll happily send spares.

Does the radio come with a DC power cord/adapter?

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Absolutely - the radio comes with a power cord as standard with compatibility for UK and US.
Radios sold within the EU have an EU adapter included.
For Australia, you can buy the radio with AUS adapters at

What size batteries does the radio take and how long do these last

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To play the radio without a cord you use 4 x size D batteries. Using premium batteries, and playing the radio every day with the volume set at bar 3/4 the batteries will last for 100+ hours. Mixing the use of the player between the "my playlist" and radio and the varying the level of the volume may reduce how many hours the batteries will last.

Can I download music from Itunes onto the USB

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Yes this can be done, however the files will need to be converted to MP3 to be compatible for the music player

When the playlist is on and then turned 'off' will it pick up where it left off?

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If you are using the "My Playlist" and turn the music player off, when turning on again it will revert to the "My Playlist" and will return to the beginning of the last song that you were playing.

Can you use this with a free Spotify account?

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The radio/music player can connect with radio stations via DAB or FM and a USB to be used for a playlist of your choosing. It cannot connect to other external music programmes or any other devices other than a USB stick.

Does the radio comes with headphones?

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Unfortunately not, but it radio does have a port that you can use for your own personal headphones.

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