The Relish Day Hub – helping people live independently for longer

The Relish Day Hub – helping people live independently for longer

By Relish on, February 18, 2024


The number one reason that people move into care facilities is that they lose the ability to live at home without being dependent on family and carers.

The impact of moving into care facilities can be huge:

  • Emotional cost with the fear of loss of life and relationships – once someone moves into a care home they may feel that they have lost control forever.
  • Monetary cost – the cost of moving into a care home can be crippling, costing on average £3600 a month in the UK and $4800 in the US. That’s 5 x the average mortgage repayment and 18 x average weekly food bill.

We set out to challenge this – how can we help people stay at home independently, happier, for longer?

We started our research by interviewing people with early stage dementia and their carers to find out: How does dementia impact the ability to live at home independently?


How can we help create a personal daily routine that you can manage, keeping you safe in the knowledge that you are in control of your critical daily tasks?

Introducing The Day Hub:

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How it works:

Day Connect and Day Hub - Task Alert Alarm from Relish on Vimeo.

How it is set up:

Relish Day Hub™, Day clock and Task Manager: Product Review from Relish on Vimeo.


‘We purchased the clock with the task reminder and it has made a huge difference to our Mother. We no longer have to write her tasks out for the day and Mum feels more independent and in control of her life.’

‘This will help massively with keeping a routine for Grandad, keeping his independence and structure through his days. It's so easy to understand, use and set up. 10000% recommend anyone who has dementia / Alzheimer's and struggles to have motivation to complete tasks or forgets the tasks they need to do throughout the day.’

‘When I first received this I was a little skeptical thinking it should be a bit more hi tech. Once I got it set up, I was amazed how well it works. Our senior wants to check the items off and does each task when it comes up. They also loves the date and time feature. Great job Relish!’

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The Relish Day Hub – helping people live independently for longer
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