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Relish Tactile Turn - Dementia Fidget Toy

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Our brand-new dementia sensory toy has arrived – the Tactile Turn!

We noticed there is much more product variety for the earlier and mid stages of dementia and knew more needed to be made available for people living in the later stages. We therefore designed and created a product that is not only suitable for the ability of the later stages, but that is also age appropriate in design.

This dementia toy helps keep hands busy, alleviating stress and anxiety, and is focused on doing rather than achieving.
As with all of our products, we’ve tried and tested it with our network of carers, care homes, and people with dementia, who all provided invaluable insights that fed into our creation process, and helped us get to the final design!

Key Product Benefits
• Different material textures and colours for sensory stimulation
• Easy to hold
• Infinite motion helps de stress
• Helping with boredom
• Helps individuals express themselves when they are unable to communicate using words.
• Stimulating brain paths as thousands of nerve receptors in the fingers are stimulated.
• Focusing on doing rather than achieving
• No right or wrong way to use!

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