The importance of Time Together

The importance of Time Together

By Bianca Ansbro-Elliott on, January 26, 2023


Spending time together can strengthen the bonds between people as you are going through the journey of dementia. The diagnosis of dementia can be challenging and may cause fractions in the relationships that were never there before.

Taking the time to plan activities together or smaller moments like taking a walk or listening to each other more intently, can help make people feel important and can tackle the issue of emptiness and loneliness.

Here are some tips for spending time together:

Plan the time

Speak with your loved one, on what time is best to visit as they might be more tired or have noticed that their behaviour changes at a certain time of the day. Ask them how long you are welcome to stay and what they want to do.

Prepare what you want to do

We have a wide range of activities that you can do with a loved one, whether that is taking part in a puzzle, painting with our Aquapaints or trying one of our quizzes or group games.

Look for an event that you both would enjoy

It is important to keep up with hobbies and events that you both enjoy, look to see if there are any dementia friendly events happening in your local area.

Bringing along a pet

Pets can provide unconditional love and something to focus on, they are also very calming for people living with dementia. Always ask if you can bring along your furry friend but it is almost always going to be a crowd pleaser!


Music has found to have many benefits and can be very powerful. If your loved one likes music, playing songs they know can help improve mood and increase awareness and clear thinking. Applying holistic techniques may enhance the quality of visits for you and your loved one. Reminiscing about the past together and sharing photos about good times can provide great moments.

It is always important to remember that after diagnosis the person living with dementia is still the same person and would want to be treated the way that their loved ones always have in the past.

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