Find Joy with The Joy Club

Find Joy with The Joy Club

By Bianca Ansbro-Elliott on, July 05, 2023


Introducing ‘The Joy Club’ a wonderful way to meet new people, learn a new skill, work on your fitness, or read advice from other members of their community. There are many ways to find joy!

The Joy Club was inspired by Hannah, the founder and CEO’s grandmother as she had witnessed her go through retirement. Thousands of retirees have been involved with the creation of The Joy Club and have had input from the range of activities that are provided to the website design.

When caring for a loved one with dementia, it can be quite a lonely time as you are facing new challenges with your partner and may not be able to share certain struggles with them. The Joy Club provides an online platform for people to come together, to learn, to have fun and to chat.

Whether you want to try Yoga on Monday or join a creative writing workshop on Wednesday, the online platform gives you the opportunity to take a moment for yourself whilst caring for your loved ones.

Sign up to our newsletter to get started! Where you will receive your code for an exclusive two-month free trial (normally £9.99 a month).

Once you have created your account you will be able to explore their full selection of live online classes, talk and workshops, enjoy talks and classes at your leisure with their on-demand events and discover daily articles, written my members.

You will also have the opportunity to book a welcome session with a member of their Community Team who can show you around and help you make the most of your membership!

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