Harvest Vegetable Quiz

Harvest Vegetable Quiz

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What you need

  1. A selection of 10 vegetables and/or fruits
  2. A prepared quiz of 20 questions with the above vegetables and/or fruits as the answers (or you can use our quiz)


Since pagan times in Britain, thanks have been given for abundant harvests. We celebrate food grown on the land throughout September and enjoy Harvest Festivals around the last Sunday of the month. 

In this fun food-themed quiz, we ask questions and everyone answers by picking up the correct vegetable from the table. It’s great for people who might struggle to find the names of the vegetables but will know them by sight and/or feel.

Top tip

If you can’t get your hands on many vegetables or fruit, you could use the images from any food magazine.  Supermarkets often have free magazines available you could use.

The Activity

  1. Gather everyone around the table
  2. Lay the vegetables on the table in front of them
  3. Encourage everyone to pick up the vegetables and/or fruits, feeling their shapes and textures
  4. Ask the first question and encourage the group to show the answer by picking up the piece veg or fruit
  5. Keep going until all the questions have been answered
  6. If there’s time, you can have a chat about all the food and encourage people to share stories about what they have cooked using the ingredients

Our quiz

  1. What are Jersey Royals? Potatoes
  2. What fruit has a stone? Peach
  3. What vegetable is said to improve your eyesight? Carrots
  4. What fruit has to be peeled before eating? Banana
  5. What vegetable makes you cry? Onions
  6. What fruit comes from New Zealand? Kiwi
  7. Which vegetable’s name comes from the Italian for “flowering crest of a cabbage”? Broccoli
  8. Which piece of fruit a day keeps the doctor away? Apple
  9. What vegetable can be Cos or Iceberg? Lettuce
  10. Which fruit is 92% water? Watermelon