Buckets and Bean Bags

Buckets and Bean Bags

  • 30
  • 60


  • Stay Active
  • Celebrate Achivement
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. 4 coloured buckets (red, green, yellow & blue)
  2. 4 coloured bean bags (red, green, yellow & blue)


Time to stretch those arms, throwing bean bags into buckets! This simple yet fun game is great for coordination and moving about. You can play it sitting or standing – and keep score if you want to fuel a little competitive spirit

Top tip

Don’t have any buckets? Just lay sheets of coloured paper on the floor – A3 should do the trick

The Activity

  1. Play some music
  2. Arrange everyone in a circle, either sitting or standing, and put the buckets in the middle
  3. Invite the first person to throw all 4 coloured bean bags into their coordinating buckets (e.g. blue bean bag into blue bucket etc)
  4. If people are struggling, just move the bucket a little closer to them
  5. Keep score, if you wish
  6. Carry on until everyone has had a go