A Bagel kind of day

A Bagel kind of day

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What you need

  1. Flavoured bagels (toast them beforehand)
  2. Toppings 
  3. Tea and coffee 


Originating in Poland, these delicious, chewy treats are delightful with a range of sweet or savoury toppings. Bagels are now so popular in the UK and US that 15th January has even been declared ‘National Bagel Day’. And you’ve got to admit, that’s got a ring to it! 

Why not use this as an excuse to try some new, exciting flavours? Top some toasted cinnamon bagels with cream cheese, apples and honey, or try a plain one with an old favourite – peanut butter with jam. This is an ideal activity to get everyone involved, whether that’s helping make them or just enjoying the results. 

Top tip

If bagels are a bit too chewy for some people, cut a slice of soft bread into a bagel shape and pair with the soft toppings. That way, no one misses out.

The Activity

1. Gather the group around the table

2. Lay out the bagels (cut into halves or quarters to make eating easier, if required) along with a variety of toppings

3. Topping suggestions include:

o   Butter – simple but delicious!

o   Cream cheese and smoked salmon

o   Chocolate spread and strawberries

o   Cream cheese and cucumber

o   Peanut butter and banana

o   Ham or turkey slices with sliced cheese

o   Egg mayonnaise

4. Encourage each person to create and top their own bagel

5. Once all the bagels are topped and ready, sit back and enjoy with tea or coffee