Take a moment with Breethe

Bianca Ansbro-Elliott

March 29, 2023

We have partnered with Breethe, one of the most popular meditation and wellness apps with more than 12-million downloads. Through their wide range of guided audio meditations, master classes and programs we hope it will improve the daily lives of our community.

Breethe, offers new content daily, with personalised recommendation to relieve stress, problems sleeping and how to manage anxiety, plus much more.

Living with dementia or being a care partner, can provide additional challenges to daily life and increase stress as well as anxiety. It can be helpful to take some time out to relax and destress. It can be incredibly beneficial, to allow a moment to just breathe through the moments of anger or frustration. It will let the person find a moment of calm in the chaos of the emotions that they may be feeling at that moment.

A soothing, calming atmosphere is also helpful to minimise confusion and help them to focus or rest.

Breethe can be a great addition to someone’s daily routine, here are some things that we love:

Self-care on Your Schedule: Breethe is the most personalized meditation & mental wellness app on the market. The app is organised to easily fit into your life with intuitive sections including Start Your Day, Take a Break, and Go to Sleep.

Therapy On-the-Go: insightful, automated chat/text feature grounded in behavioural science and developed with our resident therapist, Tim Gordan. It is specifically designed to instantly help you with whatever it is you are struggling with in the moment.

An A to Z ways to Zzz: Breethe gives you the most ways to tune out, wind down, and drop off, including meditations, hypnotherapy, bedtime stories, music, and sounds.

Learn to meditate: A 7-day, 30-day and 90-day learn to meditate program to introduce you to daily meditations that are easy-to-follow and soothing.

Music for every mood: DJ your day or ease into evenings with playlists you create

Reminders: Notifications, alarms and a mindful tracker that you can set in your profile, so that you can keep schedule time each day to take a moment to breathe.

Breethe is available in English (iOS and Android) and in Spanish (iOS). Users can subscribe via Apple iOS or Android apps, or by visiting breethe.com.

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