Home & Safety Tips to Support People with Dementia

Matthew Ralph-Savage

March 8, 2021

Home is a place of comfort, calm and independence for people living with dementia. However, it can also be a source of hazards if not properly retrofitted or modified to meet their needs.

For instance, general home and safety tips include:

  1. Keep a spare set of house keys outside of the house, either in a hide-a-key or with a neighbor in case the person dementia locks you out.
  2. Avoid tripping and falling hazards by de-cluttering. Keep a clear and wide walking path and avoid unnecessary decorative accents that can get in someone’s way.
  3. Lock up potentially hazardous products, use tamper-proof caps on medication containers, and secure chemical materials to avoid accidental exposure or ingestion to harmful substances.
  4. Consider small appliances with automatic shut-off features in case a person forgets to turn it off.
  5. Make sure furnishings are at a comfortable height to avoid difficulty and straining when getting in and out of bed or chairs.

Click on the infographic below for a more comprehensive list of tips and ways you can keep a person living with dementia safe at home. And, for additional information and resources for families and caregivers, or to learn about ways you can improve the wellbeing of friends and loved ones living with dementia, visit relish-life.com.

Relish_home safety-1