A care home worker engaging with a dementia patient whilst they play a ball game group activity in the care home.

Home care services in the USA for people living with dementia

Chelsea Roderick

September 27, 2022

Caring for someone with dementia is not easy and can pose many challenges for family members and loved ones. Home care workers look after people with dementia and ensure they live as much of their everyday life as possible and remain independent. This article will look at some of the USA's home care services for people with dementia.

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels dementia home care service logo

Visiting Angels® is a dementia care service providing in-home care for different types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, Lewy Body dementia and Huntington’s disease. They create an individualized plan tailored to each specific client’s needs and requirements, making it easier to manage symptoms and challenges that come with dementia whilst providing as much comfort and enjoyment as possible.

The Visiting Angel’s team will match you with a dedicated and trained caregiver who will help and take care of the person with dementia. They start the process by scheduling a consultation to learn about the situation. The schedule can include part-time, full-time, or 24/7 caregiving, depending on the individual's needs and requirements.

FCP Live-In

FCP Live-In at home care service logo

FCP Live-in is an in-home dementia care provider. Since 1997, they have been offering a range of services, including companion, personal care and homemaker services, to help and support individuals with dementia. The trained caregivers look after people with dementia in the comfort and safety of their own homes with a personalised and tailored care plan to suit their individual needs.

FCP Live-in provides care at every stage of dementia progression and is dedicated to providing enjoyment and safety for the person with dementia but also their loved ones.

Home Instead®

Home Instead USA home care service logo

Home Instead has been designed to support people with dementia by offering compassionate and experienced support. It uses a person-centered approach that has been recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association for including Dementia Care Practice recommendations.

Home Instead continues to improve their training programs to provide high-quality leading care with cognitive conditions.It supports the care goals of preserving dignity, honouring the person’s life before dementia, easing dementia symptoms and enhancing safety at home. Person-centered care has many benefits and Home Instead will work with the individual with dementia to create a personalized plan tailored to their needs.

Samvedna Senior Care

Samvedna Senior Care US Home Care Service Logo

Samvedna provides holistic dementia care programs to support those with dementia and their family members at all stages of progression. They provide programs that are highly researched and acknowledged based on evidence-based practices and focus on person-centered care and aim to empower family members in their care process.

Samvedna offers a range of services and training programs for caregivers to improve their knowledge and expertise to best support their clients. They offer assessments, programs about the understanding of dementia, various therapies and symptom management.


ComForCare USA dementia at home care service logo

ComForCare Home Care is an in-home care provider for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. They provide a range of care services from long-term care, respite care or, simply, care whenever necessary. They assess and take their time to really understand the client’s needs to be able to develop the best possible care plan so that they can continue to live independently and comfortably at home.

ComForCare Home Care’s services aim to improve positive experiences including feeling calm, engaged and fulfilled at every stage of the dementia journey. Highly trained and specialised caregivers provide encouragement, comfort and support whilst also allowing individuals to enjoy life as much as possible through meaningful activities.


There are many home care services available to choose from. Depending on your location, needs and preferences, there is something for everyone. Although it may be difficult for a person with dementia to adjust to care services, it is essential to know that support is available if needed.

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