An elderly lady wearing blue glasses being hugged by a younger woman wearing glass, smiling at each other.

10 facts for Dementia Action Week 2022

Chelsea Roderick

May 11, 2022

To support the campaign, we have looked into some of the current leading stats around dementia as well as answers from our customers on what they find to be most important for the wellbeing of loved ones with dementia, and how important diagnosis and care are. We have combined all of the latest research and our survey results into an infographic and summary below:

Infographic showing 10 facts for dementia action week

From our customer survey, we were able to find out what matters most to respondents when caring for someone with dementia, or in fact living with dementia. For Dementia Action Week, we want to highlight the responses:

  • 93% of respondents would actively look at how to improve the well-being of a person with dementia, with 88% searching online for information to help
  • Dementia carers believe that moments of joy and maintaining a sense of identity are the most important factors to bring to people with dementia
  • Although all factors are important for all to some degree, the different stages of dementia call for different wellbeing factors. In the earlier stages independence, maintaining self-identity and staying active were most important, while in the latter stages spending time together, moments of joying and finding calm were most important.

15% of people don’t know the stage of dementia the person has, which is why we have created our Find Your Dementia Stage questionnaire on-site to help lead people to the correct resources no matter where they are at on their journey of diagnosis.

To further support diagnosis and every stage of dementia thereafter, we have put together a list of the top 10 products and activities to aid the wellbeing, independence and bringing together of families for those with dementia.

At Relish, we strive to highlight the importance of wellbeing to those with dementia, or those caring for someone with dementia, at all stages. Our unique products are tailored to each stage, whether it be early diagnosis or late-stage dementia, we design our products with wellbeing in mind.