What you need

  1. A dice
  2. A set of category questions relating to the numbers on the dice- download resource


Everybody loves a little trip down memory lane, which is why this relaxing activity is always a winner. We think it’s a wonderful group game, but can be particularly good played with family members because the memories evoked often turn into shared memories that you bond over. And, of course, it’s a simple way of making sure that everyone feels listened to and valued.

The Activity

  1. Find a quiet spot to sit down, away from other distractions
  2. Pass your dice to your first player and ask them to throw it
  3. Take a look at the number and then pick a related question, for example the number 1 will relate to the category School & Childhood
  4. Ask a question from that category, giving your player lots of time to talk through their memory and follow it wherever it leads them
  5. If you’re playing as a group and somebody else feels inspired to share something, then make sure you let them, even if it’s not their turn
  6. Once your player has finished, move on to the next person and ask them to throw the dice
  7. Carry on for as long as everyone’s having fun
  8. And don’t forget to enjoy a cuppa or two while you’re playing!

PDF Resource