Staying Active

To maintain your full wellbeing, keeping your body moving is essential! It can look different for everybody, whether it is chair yoga, daily walks or games.

Get up and go

A simple one but very effective, get up and go out for a walk if you are able.

Keep activities handy

Keep a collection to hand of your favourite word puzzles, sudoku and quizzes for the quieter restful moments. This will help keep your brain active.

Match your ability

Find an active activity that matches your ability, whether that is going for a run, following an exercise video or doing some gardening. There are a wide range of resources online that you can find to match your mobility needs. Take a look at our activities section to find some ideas - click here.

Join a Gym

Join a gym with a friend or family member. Some gyms may have reduced rate packages for those who are 50/60+.

Eat and drink well

Eating well and drinking plenty of water to keep your physical and mental health well is important (but don’t forget to have a treat now and then too, it’s all about balance).