Dementia Clocks for Elderly & Seniors

We have created a simple & easy to use range of dementia clocks for the elderly to support living independently at home for longer. Explore the range now.

What is a dementia clock?

The Relish dementia clocks are specially designed clocks that help people with dementia keep track of the time and date more easily. Our clocks have several features to make them easier to read and understand compared to traditional clocks, including handy task alerts to remind people of important daily ocurring tasks.

Do dementia clocks help with memory loss?

The Relish Day Hub and Day Connect help people with memory loss thanks to the personalised Task Alerts that can help to remind people of their essential daily tasks, all around the home.

  • Day Hub™ - Dementia Reminder Clock Day Hub™ - Dementia Reminder Clock
  • Day Connect™ - Dementia Clock Day Connect™ - Dementia Clock