What you need

  1. Various colours of wool
  2. Card (A4 or A5)
  3. Pre-prepared card templates, with images cut out (e.g. a rabbit, tree, cat, flower, butterfly, star or shapes)
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Wile away an afternoon winding colourful wool around pieces of card to create some lovely, tactile artwork. This activity is super simple to set up, but ever so relaxing.

Just get the wool and card out, and if in a group or with family and friends, chat, sip tea and wind to their heart’s content. Or give someone some TLC and set up the activity as a one-on-one.

The Activity

  1. Invite people to choose one colour of wool to use first
  2. Tape the end of the wool to one side of the card, about 2cm down
  3. Begin winding the wool around the card, keeping each line close together
  4. Wind it round as many times as they like, then stop at the back, cut the wool and tape it to the same side as the other end
  5. Pick another colour and do the same again
  6. Keep going until they’ve used all the colours they want to
  7. Glue another piece of card to the back to hide the taped wool ends
  8. Pick a card template and glue it on top of the wool-wound card
  9. People can now give this decorative, tactile picture to their friends or family as a card, or they can hang it somewhere for all to admire

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