What you need

  1. ‘What Comes Next?’ game - download resource
  2. A large sheet of paper or flip chart
  3. Pens


Language and word play can be so much fun! The meanings of many words can be transformed when a second is added. For example, adding words after “time” can give you “time capsule”, “time out”, “time travel” or “time zone”.

How many other words can take on new meanings when paired with another? Try our fun game to find out.

You can play non-competitively in a group (more people may inspire others to think of answers) – or 1-on-1

The Activity

  1. Gather the group or sit 1-to-1 and hand out the question sheet
  2. Explain the word game and give an example to start
  3. Write the first word on the paper or flip chart and invite the group to suggest as many words that could follow
  4. Some answers may be obvious and some more obscure. Obscure answers are not to be dismissed, though – have fun and encourage suggestions for why they might work
  5. Carry on until you’ve exhausted all options and move on to the next word
  6. Continue for as long as everyone is enjoying themselves!

PDF Resource