The Shiny Shoe Brigade

The Shiny Shoe Brigade

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  • Find Calm
  • Stay Independent

What you need

  1. A few pairs of old boots or shoes
  2. Shoe polish, a soft cloth and a brush


When it comes to reminding people of their old routines, the simplest activities are the best. Take shoe polishing, for example. All you need is a pair of dusty boots, a simple shoeshine kit and a partner in crime to natter with over a cuppa.

It’s a great one-on-one activity – and gives you a wonderful sense of achievement too. Follow our step-by-step guide or let people use their own method.

The Activity

  1. Take one shoe or boot from a pair and encourage your budding shoe shiner to wipe off any excess dirt using the brush
  2. Next, apply polish to the shoe using your cloth
  3. Set it to dry for 5 minutes and repeat this action for the second shoe
  4. After 5 minutes, take the first shoe and brush over the entire shoe to remove the polish and create a lovely shine
  5. Repeat this brushing sequence for the next shoe
  6. Enjoy a cup of tea and admire those super shiny shoes