The Glorious Outdoors

The Glorious Outdoors

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  • Find Calm
  • Stay Active
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. A wheelchair if mobility is an issue


The best ideas are often the simplest – and they don’t cost a thing! Like spending time outside listening to the birds, getting a blast of fresh air and enjoying some 1-on1 time. Going out for a stroll, even if it’s just around the garden, can have so many benefits to mental and physical health – improving sleep, reducing feelings of restlessness and regulating appetite. And it’s especially important for those who used to love long walks or working outside. If mobility is an issue, use a chair – you’ll still enjoy the sense of calm and peace that being outside brings. Ahhhhh

Top tip

If someone feels particularly unsettled indoors and you know they love being outside, try and make these outdoor trips a regular planned thing

The Activity

  1. If possible, plan ahead – this means you can start talking to someone about the walk they’ll be taking to get them ready for it
  2. On the day, give them lots of notice that they’ll be going out – then grab your coats and anything else you need
  3. As you walk, strike a balance between giving someone the quiet time they need and asking them to observe and engage with their surroundings – things like flowers, trees, and animals
  4. When you stop to see things, make sure you move around to where someone can see you as you talk. Similarly, if someone’s in a wheelchair, touch their shoulders gently every now and again so they remember you’re there
  5. Walk for as far as you’re both comfortable with (bearing in mind that you need to get back too!) then turn round and head for home