What you need

  1. An A-Z list of songs titles - download resource
  2. Good voices! (not mandatory!)


Nothing lifts the spirits more than a good old singsong. This fun activity encourages people to remember songs from their lives and sing them aloud to the group. Everything from old show tunes and sing-alongs to TV theme tunes, hymns and maybe even the odd nursery rhyme. The wonderful thing about songs is that they have the power to conjure up memories. 

This quiz may take a long time, as you’ll be singing your way through the whole alphabet.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group into a circle in a quiet area or separate room
  2. Ask the first person to think of song beginning with A – they can either say the name of the song or sing it
  3. Encourage the group to then all join in with singing the song
  4. Once the song is over, it’s the next person’s turn
  5. Ask them to name a song beginning with B
  6. If anyone struggles to think of a song, ask the group to help out or pick one from the prompt sheet
  7. Keep going down the alphabet until you get to Z, or until time runs out

PDF Resource