Sanding Blocks

Sanding Blocks

  • 30
  • 60


  • Stay Independent
  • Find Calm
  • Stay Active

What you need

  1. Small wooden shapes or small wooden items, such as a stool, bird box or shelf
  2. Sandpaper block
  3. Small paint brush
  4. Cloth


DIY fans and those who’ve worked in carpentry might enjoy getting hands-on sanding wood objects. This meditative activity is more about the doing and less about the end result. However, a beautifully sanded piece of wood can also go on to become something else lovely, like a plaque, with a bit more elbow grease and TLC.

The Activity

  1. Invite the person or group to sit around a table that’s covered in newspaper
  2. Put a small piece of wood or item in front of each person
  3. Encourage everyone to inspect and feel the wood
  4. Ask them what they think the wood needs to be made smoother or what it could be used for
  5. Encourage everyone to start sanding
  6. Explain that you can do it in a circular motion or back and forth
  7. Get people to stop every now and again to feel the wood, to see how they’re doing
  8. Brush away the dust before sanding again
  9. Keep going until they feel it’s been sanded enough10.Clean down the wood with a cloth and clear the dust away, so it can be painted or turned into something else (optional)11.Get everyone chatting and reminiscing about the woodworking projects they’ve done at home or in the past