Paint a Masterpiece

Paint a Masterpiece

  • 60


  • Bring Joy
  • Find Calm

What you need

  1. Card for background (around 35cm x 25cm)
  2. Card cut into 5 circles, 4cm wide
  3. Card cut into 40 petal shapes, 5-6cm long
  4. Poppy seeds
  5. Pale blue paint
  6. Gold paint
  7. Warm yellow paint
  8. 2 different shades of green paint
  9. PVA glue
  10. Paint brushes


Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” is one of the world’s most famous paintings. So why don’t we have some fun trying to emulate its bold shapes and vivid colours?

This activity can roll over several sessions, as there are many elements to paint and each will need time to dry. Not only will everyone take pleasure from the task; they’ll also finish with a masterpiece to call their own.

You can choose any painting for this activity but iconic ones, like “Sunflowers”, are best, as they are more likely to trigger memories.

The Activity

  1. Take the card and use in portrait
  2. Draw the outline of the vase lightly in pencil, then paint with gold paint
  3. Paint the top ¾ of background in pale blue
  4. Set the painting to the side to dry
  5. While the paint is drying, take the circles and glue the poppy seeds to them, then paint each petal with yellow paint
  6. Let everything dry, then it will be ready to assemble
  7. First, glue the poppy seed circles randomly at the top half of the page onto the blue background, then glue the petals around each of the circles
  8. Once these are all in place and the glue has dried, use the two green paints and paint the flower stems into the vase freehand and add some leaves
  9. Voila. A sunflower masterpiece! Hang it in a public place, so everyone that was involved can enjoy it and show it to their family and friends