What you need

  1. A favourites chart - download resource
  2. Magazines and/or holiday brochures
  3. Images from internet, if needed
  4. Coloured pens


Imagine all your favourite things in one place. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? This is a nice activity to do with just one person. You spend time together thinking about all their favourite things and populating a ‘favourites chart’ to hang for all to see. It’s a great way for showing the people they live with exactly what they love!

Top tip

Working with someone at sensory level? Invite a friend or family member to join in the activity for extra ideas and support

The Activity

  1. Find a quiet spot and sit with the person, 1-on-1
  2. Spend time looking through magazines and brochures and talking to them about their favourite things
  3. Jot down their ideas
  4. Flick through the magazines or travel brochures hunting for the things they love and encourage the person to cut them out
  5. Invite them to write their favourite things and stick the images on the chart
  6. If they can’t find their favourite things in the magazines or brochures, they can either draw them or you can help find them on the internet (use a mobile device so you can search together and then print them out)
  7. Encourage the person to customise their chart with decorations, patterns and doodles
  8. Display the chart in their room or somewhere they’re happy with, as it will be a great talking point and a way for people to get to know them better

PDF Resource