Glad Rags & Good Times

Glad Rags & Good Times

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What you need

  1. Lots of fashion magazines and catalogues, old and new
  2. Card
  3. Glue and scissors
  4. A flat table to work from
  5. Tea and cake (optional!)


We all have fond memories of outfits worn on special occasions. Or items we’ve worn over and over, because nothing expresses our personality quite like it! Well, creating a fashion collage stirs up all those old feelings and memories over a fun hour or 2. It’s best enjoyed by those who like clothes and fashion, either as a one-on-one activity or in a group, and it’s super leisurely. Simply plan ahead a little bit by stockpiling as many magazines and fashion catalogues, old and new, as you can (a rummage in charity shops will be good for some older style magazines). Then you’re all set.

The Activity

  1. Encourage your group (or individual) to spend time looking through all the magazines and catalogues
  2. As they flick through, ask them to share the outfits they like with their friends around the table
  3. Gently prompt them to reminisce about the styles they and their families used to wear, or marvel at some of the more outrageous outfits they see
  4. Ask everyone to tear out the images they particularly like or that bring back the fondest memories
  5. Next, get them to cut around their chosen images, before arranging and sticking them to the card
  6. Once the collage is finished it can be displayed in an individual’s room. And can be used again in the future as a tool to encourage discussion and reminiscence
  7. The collage can also be used as a guide for carers to know what colours and style of clothes they like to wear