What you need

  1. Large sheet of paper & pens
  2. Food Partners Word Link Game - download resource


Steak and chips. Peanut butter and jelly (or jam!). Gin and tonic. Mmmm… some food and drinks really are matches made in heaven.

This fun, cognitive game gets people thinking, guessing (and probably getting hungry!), as they pair up one food with another. Play it one-on-one or in a small group.

So then… what goes with cheese? You’ll have to find out when you play!

Top tip

Don’t stop there! Get the group to think up even more food pairs – and even suggest some unusual ones that they’ve discovered themselves.

The Activity

To prepare…

  1. Decide on the word pairs
  2. Put the sheet on the wall, if you’re playing in a small group
  3. Write one half of the food pairs down one side of the sheet in a list
  4. Write the other half down the other, so they don’t match

To play…

  1. Invite each person to have a go at matching up the foods
  2. Ask the first person to look at the first item on the left and to draw a line to its match
  3. Ask the person/group if that looks right and if they like the sound of that pair
  4. Encourage the person/group to share memories of when they last ate that combo
  5. Invite the next person to have a go
  6. Continue until all the foods have been matched up

PDF Resource