Fits Like a Glove

Fits Like a Glove

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  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. A cloth bag
  2. A selection of pairs of gloves and mittens made of different materials. E.g. leather, wool, rubber gloves, cotton gardening gloves, fur lined gloves etc.


Wearing a lovely woolly pair of gloves may remind you of keeping your hands warm on a cold winter's day! A pair of rubber gloves might make you think of cleaning the house or doing the washing up!

Putting on and pulling off gloves is a familiar and engaging activity. This is an opportunity to explore texture and the sensation of pulling off a glove. The person may enjoy the comfort of wearing a glove. This activity can aid in reminiscence conversations.

The Activity

  1. Before the activity put the gloves/mittens into the cloth bag.
  2. Before the activity, make sure that you have a surface that the gloves/mittens can be laid out on next to where the person is sitting.
  3. Hold/touch the person’s hand and say their name to introduce the activity.
  4. Support the person to feel the cloth bag. They can have the bag on their lap or on the table.
  5. Support the person to put their hand into the bag or gently guide their hand into the bag.
  6. Suggest to them to pull out a glove/mitten.
  7. Encourage them to put the glove/mitten on. Help the person if necessary.
  8. Hold the person’s gloved hand and stroke it. Encourage them to stroke the gloved  hand.
  9. Describe in simple words the feel of the glove/mitten they have picked, for example ‘that feels soft/furry/silky/rubbery' etc.
  10. Talk to the person about the colour and feel of the glove/mitten and ask if it feels comfortable. This may encourage reminiscence conversation for example… 'Do you prefer gloves or mittens? Do you like to wear gloves/mittens in the cold weather? Do you prefer wool or leather? Have you used other gloves for different activities, for example, rubber gloves for washing up, gardening gloves' etc.
  11. Ask the person if they would like to pull out the matching glove/mitten. Gently support them to do this.
  12. Ask the person if they would like to pull off the glove/mitten. Talk about how this feels 'Did you like wearing the glove? Does your hand feel warm? Was it easy to pull off?'
  13. Ask the person to pull out another glove. Gently support them to do this.
  14. When all the gloves/mittens have been taken out of the bag, help the person to pair them up.
  15. When the activity is complete, ask ‘Would you like to help me put the gloves back into the bag now?’

Written by Sophie Jopling and Sarah Mousley from Kent Occupational Therapy_