Don't drop that ball - movement Activity

Don't drop that ball - movement Activity

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  • Stay Active
  • Celebrate Achivement

What you need

  1. A large brightly coloured sheet (yellow will be ideal)
  2. Different coloured inflatable or very soft light balls 


Who would have thought you could have such fun with an old brightly coloured sheet and a few inflatable balls? The name of the game is to keep the balls bouncing upon the stretched-out sheet while you’re all sat in a circle holding its edges. See how long you can keep it off the ground – and how many balls you can manage at once!

This simple, cheap game is a great way to get the muscles flexing to your favourite music in the morning. You’ll just need a big room and balls that contrast the colour of the sheet so they’re easy to spot.

Just make sure you consider everyone’s physical abilities before you begin.

Top tip

Those at a mid-late level can also join in – but perhaps don’t hold the sheet,  or don't aim to keep the ball in the air. Instead, just allow them to enjoy the movement and sensation of the moving sheet and the breeze on their faces

The Activity

  1. Prep the room beforehand by arranging the chairs into a circle around the edge of the room (just wide enough so everyone can hold a piece of the sheet)
  2. Invite everyone to come in a take a seat at the circle
  3. Explain that the aim of the game is to keep the balls moving and not let them fall on the floor
  4. Lay the sheet on the floor in the middle of the circle and invite people to hold the edge nearest them 
  5. Encourage the group to gently waft the sheet up and down without the ball to get them used to the movement – people will naturally start to move the sheet up and down at different times
  6. Now introduce the ball onto the sheet and encourage the group to move the sheet while keeping the ball rolling around on top 
  7. Try your best to keep the ball up for a maximum of 10 minutes
  8. Take a little break to rest arms
  9. Start the game again, if people fancy it, but this time introduce another ball into the mix 
  10. Carry on for another 10 minutes 
  11. Finish the game unless your group is feeling particularly energetic and wants to go again! Maybe even add a third ball