Cup Stack Race

Cup Stack Race

  • 30


  • Bring Joy
  • Celebrate Achivement
  • Stay Active

What you need

  1. 30 paper cups


We’re not competing with the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, but we are building pyramids out of cups! This fun ‘n’ fast game requires teamwork, coordination and a bit of dexterity. All you need is paper cups and a table to stack them on – and that’s it. What strategy will win the day? Super-fast or slow and steady…?

It’s good fun for any party or family gathering.

Top tip

Want to make the race a little easier? Just use 6 cups per team

The Activity

  1. Divide the group into 2 teams (if you don’t have an equal number, get someone to go twice)
  2. Sit each team at opposite sides of the table, ideally in a row
  3. Explain that they need to take it in turns to build a pyramid with the cups (5 on the bottom row, 4 on the next, then 3, 2 and 1 on the top)
  4. Give the first person in each row a stack of 15 cups
  5. Say “ready, steady, go” and start the game
  6. Once the first person has built their pyramid, encourage them to pass the cups onto the next person in their team so they can build one too
  7. Keep going until everyone in the team has built one
  8. The winners are the first team to finish!