What you need

  1. A set of famous company names and their slogans - Download Resource
  2. A whiteboard


You can’t beat a quiz for getting the cogs whirring. This one is especially good fun, as it gets people thinking about the slogans that stick in your head, like “Just Do It”, “Finger Lickin’ Good” and  “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” 

Things can get a little competitive, but this activity isn’t about the winning – it’s about giving your brain a workout, bringing back memories and starting conversations.

The Activity

  1. Gather the group together and either read out the first slogan or write it on a board for the whole group to answer
  2. Try adding in some visual clues or acting out a clue if people are struggling to find the answer (e.g. for BT, act like you’re on the phone)
  3. Give praise and congratulate people for their answers, even if they’re wrong. It’s the thinking that counts!
  4. Spend some time talking and reminiscing about the brands after each slogan, discussing whether or not people have used the brand’s products

PDF Resource