Birdsong - Sensory Level Activity

Birdsong - Sensory Level Activity

  • 30
  • 60


  • Find Calm
  • Bring Joy

What you need

  1. A CD or download of a bird song eg. A blackbird, robin, blue tit etc
  2. A selection of bird pictures/a book of birds to go alongside the bird song CD or download


There’s no better start to the day than waking up on a spring morning to hearing the birds singing! When they’re all singing together, it’s called the dawn chorus! Listening to bird song can be a very comforting activity as the sounds of birds can be both familiar and relaxing. This activity can aid in reminiscence conversations.

The Activity

  1. If you can, before the activity choose the correct bird pictures for the bird song you will play.
  2. Before the activity, make sure that you have a surface that the picture of the bird can be placed next to where the person is sitting.
  3. Hold/touch the person’s hand and say their name to introduce the activity.
  4. Play the first bird song.
  5. Ask 'Do you like the sound of the bird song?'
  6. Show the person the picture of the corresponding bird and encourage them to look at it.
  7. Talk about the bird eg. Its colour and size and ask 'Do you like this bird?'
  8. Put the picture away after looking at it.
  9. Ask the person if they would like to listen to another bird song whilst supporting them in looking at the corresponding bird picture.
  10. Reminiscence conversation can be encouraged. For example 'Do you have a favourite bird and a favourite birdsong? Do you like to feed the birds? Do you enjoy hearing the dawn chorus in the morning?'
  11. When the activity is complete, ask 'Would you like to look at the pictures of the birds again?'

Written by Sophie Jopling and Sarah Mousley from Kent Occupational Therapy_