What you need

  1. About 30 cards where you’ve written the names of desserts in 2 parts e.g. APPLE on one card and CRUMBLE on another
  2. Other desserts with two-part names you could use are Eton Mess, Fruit Fool, Arctic Roll, Rice Pudding, Spotted Dick, Victoria Sponge etc
  3. Download resource


Who doesn’t love a pudding? Matching up the two halves of these sweet treats is a great exercise for the mind and also allows people to reminisce about their favourite – or not so favourite! – desserts. It’s a fun game combined with a trip down memory lane, to be enjoyed one-on-one or in small groups.

Top tip

Make the game a little easier by placing all the first-word cards to the left and the second-word cards to the right.

The Activity

  1. Invite the person or group around a table
  2. Lay the cards out with the names facing up
  3. Invite the first person to choose one card then look for its match
  4. Once they have found a pair, invite the next person to have a go
  5. Talk about the different puddings and the memories they evoke
  6. Continue until all the matches have been made

PDF Resource