What you need

  1. A set of questions where the answers begin with the letter B - Download resource


Bananas, brogues, bandannas, brandy – there are so many wonderful and wacky words that begin with B, which is why creating a quiz around B words is fun to both organise and play!

Quizzes are a brilliant way to encourage people to exercise their cognitive skills, and you can always introduce a little light-hearted competition too. Just remind people that it doesn’t matter if they don’t know all the answers. Sometimes it’s as much fun to go wrong and learn something new, as it is to get full marks like a Mastermind champion.

Top tip

Congratulate everybody for any answers they give, even if they’re wrong. This activity is all about encouraging your quizzers to think.

The Activity

  1. Gather the person/group together and start the quiz. You can either quiz the whole group or ask each person a question in turn
  2. If you decide to quiz people individually and someone struggles to answer, the group can step in and help – or extra clues can be given
  3. If someone knows the answer but can’t find the words to articulate it, make sure you congratulate them for knowing, before you reveal the correct answer
  4. If playing competitively, keep scores and award the winner a small prize

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