What you need

  1. Large card 
  2. Coloured pens
  3. Cloud template - download resource


Great billowing white clouds – you just want to sink into their cotton-wool-like softness and gently float away. This activity encourages your mind to drift too, thinking about all the wonderful things you hold dear.   Let’s capture these positive thoughts and favourite things, and write them down onto a word cloud (a cloud-shaped piece of card). We’ll make it by hand, for that personal touch, and put it on display for all to see.  Since this keepsake is so unique and personal, it’s a fantastic talking point for care givers working with someone new.  

Top tip

Don’t fancy using a cloud? No problem – use any shape. A heart, circle or star will be just as good.

The Activity

  1. Sit somewhere quiet with the person
  2. Talk to them about all the people, things, pets, jobs – and anything from their lives – they hold dear
  3. Make a list of all these things, stopping to spend time talking and reminiscing about why they’re important 
  4. Give the person the card – either with the cloud template drawn on, or invite them to draw their own (show the template as a guide)
  5. Ask the person to write all the things from their list in the cloud in coloured pens
  6. The words can go in straight lines or different directions – allow them to be as creative as they would like 
  7. Suggest writing the most special or important bits bigger or brighter
  8. Keep going until their cloud is full of dear things
  9. Put on display for all to see

PDF Resource