What's That Hat?

What's That Hat?

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What you need

  1. A selection of different hats (get them from charity shops or ask people to donate them). You could use a wedding hat, top hat, sailor hat, train driver hat, hard hat, sombrero, cowboy hat, nurse hat, cap, woolly hat, beret, bowler hat, boater, deer stalker, Easter bonnet, fedora or trilby
  2. Additional props (optional) to wear alongside the hat to bring the game to life even more!


Ready for a little bit of silliness and a lot of hats? This simple game will spark some lively chats about the people who might wear these hats.

This activity is great for getting people interacting with one another, sharing memories and exploring some creative thinking. All you need to play is a sense of humour and maybe a few props to bring even more humour to the game!

The Activity

  1. Put the hats in a big bag and pass them around the room encouraging each person to take one
  2. Encourage them to look at theirs and then put it on
  3. Enjoy looking at one another and seeing what other people are wearing. Some will be sillier than others!
  4. Ask the first person to describe their hat. Say “Please tell the group who would wear such a hat and when?”, “Would you like to wear a hat like that?”, and “Do you have any memories of wearing a hat like that or did you know someone who did?”
  5. You could also encourage them to invent a story about the person who wears this hat and share it with the group
  6. Once everyone has had a chance to talk about their hat, you can finish the session with an obligatory cup of tea and a biscuit or two