What do you prefer?

What do you prefer?

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What you need

  1. A list of preferences


Some people love crisp, cold winters while many can’t get enough of the summer sun. Others like custard over ice cream – and most soap opera fans are divided between Coronation Street and EastEnders! This quickfire game invites people to pick a preference and discuss it with the group

It’s a great bit of fun when you’ve got 10 minutes spare

The Activity

  1. Gather everyone around a dining table or in a quiet area of the lounge
  2. Say the first set of preferences
  3. EG: Summer or Winter
  4. Ask the group to debate which is best
  5. Discuss why they like one more than the other and see if they can convince others to their way of thinking too
  6. Work your way through other preferences as listed below for as long as everyone is having fun – or until lunch arrives!

Chocolate or Cheese

Beach Holiday or Adventure Holiday

Morecambe or Wise

Coronation Street or Eastenders

Nightdress or Pyjamas

Day or Night

Music or Books

Camping or Hotel

Herbs or Spices