What you need

  1. Flash card pairs (write or print the name of one duo on one card and their partner on the other) – download resource


"We go together 
Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong" 

Just like Sandy and Danny there are lots of duos that when you think of one you would always think of the other. 

This activity takes a whole load of pairs – across both real and fictional – and jumbles them all up. The fun happens when you try to put them all back together. Let the reunions begin!

This activity works brilliantly as a one-on-one or in a small group.

Top tip

Want to make it a little easier? Just reduce the number of pairs!

The Activity

  1. Sit the person or everyone around a table
  2. Mix all the cards up and lay them face up on the table
  3. Invite the first person to choose a card and look around the table for its matching pair
  4. Once they’ve found a pair, invite the next person to choose a card and find its match
  5. Keep going until you’ve reunited everyone!
  6. Spark conversation and memories as you go, inviting people to share their thoughts about the pairings

PDF Resource