What you need

  1. Variety of coloured paper (red, yellow, orange, pink, purple and green)
  2. Paper scissors 
  3. Tulip template cut out onto card and a tulip example - download resource
  4. Pencils 
  5. Glue 


You know spring has well and truly sprung when you see tulips bouncing in the breeze. Their joyful colours of pink and purple, through to red, orange and yellow are sure to brighten up anyone’s day. 

Why not create your own tulip display? We’ll leave the fresh ones in the ground to enjoy on garden strolls – and make a happy bouquet of blooms from paper.

The Activity

  1. Lay out all the coloured paper on the table 
  2. Give each person a set of tulip templates 
  3. Find out what colour tulip each person would like to make and give them the right colour paper, and green paper for the stem and leaves 
  4. Draw around the tulip template onto the coloured paper, and do the same with the stem and leaves onto the green paper
  5. Cut out the shapes 
  6. Glue 2 leaves to the tulip stem 
  7. Next glue the 1st petal to the top of the stem, then glue the other 2 petals on top to create the classic tulip shape 
  8. Keep repeating the steps to create lots of tulips!
  9. Arrange them into a beautiful wall display – either randomly or grouped by colour
  10. Enjoy a striking blast of springtime inside your home!

PDF Resource