The Sewing Kit Rummage

The Sewing Kit Rummage

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  • 30


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  • Embrace Identity

What you need

  1. A sewing kit box
  2. Sewing items 
    Needles (put in a needle case inside a clear plastic covering)
    Pins in pin cushion (put in a clear plastic covering)
    Tape Measure
    Cotton reels
    Material Scraps – bright colours ( include felt, fur, velvet, silk, lace and cotton)
    Old clothing patterns
    Tailors Chalk
    Bias Binding
    Embroidery Threads
    Buttons (put in a clear plastic case)


Sewing boxes, with their colourful threads and ribbons, are like a scene out of Cinderella when the mice and birds gather together to make a ball gown. This activity involves rummaging through a sewing box to simply enjoy and talk about the contents­­. It might take some people back to happy days sewing with mum, darning socks, making clothes for the family – or even working as a seamstress or tailor.

This activity is ideal for a small group or a one-to-one, and you can change the items in the box to make it appropriate for whoever.

The Activity

For one person:

  1. Put the box on a low table in front of someone
  2. Encourage them to rummage around and choose something to look at. If they’re struggling, pull out an item for them and put it into their hands
  3. If the person wants to engage, ask questions about it and whether it brings back any memories
  4. Let them dig around at their leisure and enjoy looking through the items
  5. Encourage and support them wherever they need it

For a small group:

  1. Invite the group to sit at a table or on comfy chairs around a coffee table
  2. Ask the group to rummage through the kit, one by one, and take out something that catches their eye
  3. Invite each person to share their memories, and let other people join in if they have something to say
  4. Move around the group and give everyone chance to talk about their item, encouraging them to speak for as long as they would like